Me, Myself and Mum - Life Lessons from the Kitchen

From being their little sous-chefs in the kitchen to treating them to a special meal with our first paycheck, the mother-daughter bond is truly a unique one that evolves beautifully as we grow up. 

We grow up looking to them for inspiration, advice and unconditional support - 24/7. They’ve had countless sleepless nights caring and worrying for us, sacrificing their own health for ours. Now as adults, it’s time for us to shower them with love and attention that they truly deserve - and to let them sleep in at last. 

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating this unique relationship by featuring two beautiful mother-daughter duos as they share a peek into their precious bond.  

Steffi, 33 and her mother Ruby, 60.

How would you describe your relationship with Mum?

She’s like a very close older sister that I can always rely on for any advice, be it for work or life - she’s always able to ground me. Mum is also a friend, to whom I’ll rant, share secrets and gossip! 

But mum will always be mum, there are things that she’ll sense even if I don’t say it – she’ll know and she’ll be there for me. She’s like my safe haven, someone I can truly trust and always fall back on.

What was your favourite moment with mum, Steffi?

I’m Cantonese, and in our culture, on the night before Chinese New Year, we have a tradition to stay up till really late at night. I’m really fond of the times when Mum and I would stay up, watch lame Cantonese comedy movies, and just talk about random things in life.

What was your favourite moment with your daughter, Ruby?

Whenever we’re eating. I love seeing her enjoy my cooking, those are the favourite moments I have with my daughter.

What does quality time with mum look like? 

It involves food, and a lot of talking – most likely about food itself, but about things in general as well. For example, how I’m doing at work, life updates about my husband and I etc. Food is definitely a key feature, though. We either eat out or have mum cook. 
She’ll also share her perspective and advice about things that I share with her. Sometimes it might not be what I want to hear, but it’ll definitely be something that I need to hear. There’s always a lot of encouragement for me in her words.

When was a moment in your life when you felt like "I wish mum was here!"?

Once when I first started living on my own, there was a really HUGE cockroach that managed to climb onto my desk and brushed against my hand. That was one moment that I really wished my mum was around because I knew she’d definitely save me. But, oh well, I had to save myself and take care of the problem (don’t ask me what happened to the cockroach).

When was the last time you both argued and why? How did you both resolve it?

Honestly, I don’t remember arguing with my mum. I think mum always gives in to me, which I’m extremely grateful for. She has allowed me to explore and fall. However, she has always encouraged me and given me the time and space to stand back up again.

What is your deepest confession to your mum?

Sorry that I prioritised work over family time. Thank you for always having my back.

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