Me, Myself and Mum - From Mum to Best Friend

There’s nothing quite as special as the life-long bond between a mother and her daughter. As little girls, we look up to our mothers as role models – the superwoman who knows and does what’s best for everyone. As we grow older, our mums become our best friends with whom we can share our deepest fears and insecurities, knowing that we will get unconditional love and support in return.

Their sleepless nights from worry ensured that we got to sleep soundly and comfortably. It’s now time for us to show our appreciation - by letting her finally sleep in. 

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating this unique relationship by featuring two beautiful mother-daughter duos as they share a peek into their precious bond.  

Fianne, 35, mother of two and her mother Jasmine, 58

How would you describe your relationship with Mum?  

I have a very close relationship with my mum, where we’re able to talk about almost anything. We confide a lot in each other because I feel safest with her. I know that she’ll always have my back and be on my side no matter what.

What was your favourite moment with mum, Fianne? 

My favourite moments with mummy were when she used to take me out as a little girl, just the two of us. We spent time swimming, visiting bookstores, and I remember relishing the quality time and undivided attention from her.

What was your favourite moment with your daughter, Jasmine?

I love spending time with her having afternoon tea, baking together and enjoying the bakes after. I also love listening to her play the piano and watching her fall asleep on the same bed.

What does quality time with mum look like?  

Chilling over afternoon tea at her home and chatting about everything under the sun! When we lived together, we used to stay up to lounge around and chit chat through the night. Before I had kids of my own, we spent more alone time together and would go for walks in the park, or do girly stuff like shopping and going to the spa.

When was a moment in your life when you felt like "I wish mum was here!"?

There was a Chinese New Year which I spent in my husband’s hometown after we’d just got married and I missed home terribly, because I’d spent every single Chinese New Year of my life with my family in Singapore. There were moments I wished mummy was with me, like during our reunion dinner and when I went visiting.

When was the last time you both argued and why? How did you both resolve it? 

I don’t remember any specifics, although there have certainly been times when we’ve disagreed and argued. Usually, mummy is the one who initiates talking to me first and we’ll just forget everything and hang out again! She always tells me that there is no feud between a mum and daughter.

What is your deepest confession to your mum?  

Coming from a traditional and conservative family, we don’t exchange “I love you’s” so my deepest confession is that I love you mummy! I really admire the way she loves us so deeply and unconditionally, and I wish to be more like her in the way I love my own children.

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