Discover Your Love Language In 7 Questions

Unlock the secrets of your love language through the lens of comfort and pleasure with Rawbought.

Dive into our interactive quiz and explore how you express and receive love – is it through words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, acts of service, or quality time? Just take note of your answers and find your corresponding love language at the very end. Let's get started!

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1. How do you prefer to express affection to your friends or family on special occasions?

a) Warm hugs and affectionate kisses are the way to go.

b) Arranging a special gathering for cherished conversations.

c) Proposing a toast to them to share your heartfelt compliments.

d) Splurging on a thoughtful present that they wouldn't have got themselves.

e) Congratulating them by stepping in and handling their to-do list so they can kick back and relax.

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2. Which Valentine's Day scenario brings you the most joy?

a) Finding a miracle-working masseuse to knead away all your stress.

b) Scoring tickets to a sold-out show with your ride-or-die.

c) Receiving a handwritten card overflowing with love.

d) Receiving a surprise delivery of something you wanted to get weeks ago that you mentioned casually in passing.

e) Your partner orchestrating every single detail of a dreamy surprise getaway you've been lusting after.

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3. Picture this: you've had a rough day and you come home to find a surprise waiting for you. What would make you do a happy dance?

a) Slipping into your softest PJs and your comforter for a comfy night's rest.

b) Your partner treating you to a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant, followed by a moonlit stroll.

c) Getting on a group FaceTime with your squad and reminiscing about the good times.

d) Finally seeing that item you wanted back in stock.

e) Your colleagues swooping in to handle your to-dos so you can have a day to yourself.

4. Your best friend or loved one is going through a rough patch. How do you comfort them? 

a) Being their rock while binge-watching movies and devouring snacks in your PJs.

b) Meeting up for a heart-to-heart to brainstorm solutions.

c) Boosting their spirits by showering them with praise and admiration.

d) Brightening their day with a mood-lifting scented candle (or the cosiest PJs they'll ever touch).

e) Whipping up their favorite comfort food to soothe their soul.

5. When you have some alone time, how do you like to spend it?

a) Soaking in a luxurious bath or snuggling up for a cosy nap in your softest PJs.

b) Finding solace in the great outdoors, enjoying some peace and quiet.

c) Getting lost in a creative pursuit like journaling or crafting.

d) Treating yourself to a pampering session at the spa.

e) Channeling your inner Marie Kondo and giving your closet a makeover.

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6. What's your shopping style?

a) Leisurely strolling through stores, feeling fabrics and browsing without any specific agenda.

b) Embarking on an adventure into new local farmers markets or flea markets with your shopping partner.

c) Indulging in an impulse purchase whenever you hear compliments from other shoppers. 

d) Enjoying the thrill of purchasing something online and eagerly awaiting the delivery.

e) Making a list and buying only what you need. Efficient and practical.

7. It's the weekend! How are you spending your days off?

a) Sweating it out at the gym or hiking up a storm – anything that gets your body moving.

b) Reading up reviews and scooping out the newest bars or restaurants.

c) Picking up a new hobby such as crocheting or painting.

d) Treating yourself to a little retail therapy to celebrate making it through the week.

e) Opting for a lazy day in, catching up on sleep and tackling chores at your own pace.

Friends bonding over a cosy night in Rawbought pyjamas

Find your results!

Mostly As: Physical Touch

Physical touch is all about expressing affection through physical gestures such as hugs, kisses, holding hands, and cuddling. People who prefer physical touch often feel most loved and connected when they receive these tactile displays of affection.

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Mostly Bs: Quality Time

Quality time revolves around spending meaningful, undivided attention with loved ones. Individuals who prioritise quality time feel most loved when they engage in activities together, have deep conversations, and create lasting memories.

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Mostly Cs: Words of Affirmation 

Words of affirmation as a love language involve expressing love and appreciation through verbal affirmations, compliments, and heartfelt messages. Individuals who value words of affirmation feel most loved when they receive verbal reassurance and encouragement from their loved ones.

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Mostly Ds: Gifts

Gifts involve expressing love and affection through thoughtful presents and gestures. Individuals who value gifts feel most loved when they receive tangible tokens of affection and appreciation from their loved ones. It is often the thought behind the gift they love the most.

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Mostly Es: Acts of Service

Showing acts of service involves express love and care through helpful actions, assistance, and support. Individuals who value acts of service feel most loved when others go out of their way to help them and alleviate their burdens.

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Discover more about your love language when you take the test here.

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