Dear Me: A Letter to Our Younger Selves

In an era where letter writing is often considered a lost art, the act of putting pen to paper holds a profound significance. It is through these words that we can release what we've been holding onto, offering insights into our past selves and present realities.

In celebration of International Women's Day, we invited our founders to engage in this timeless practice by penning letters to their younger selves. This introspective exercise allows us to explore the dreams we harboured in our youth and the remarkable paths we've forged since then.

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Dear little Amira,

There is so much to share with you as you navigate the journey of growing up. If there's anything I could travel back in time to tell you, it's these things.

Firstly, I want you to know that the challenges you face may feel overwhelming, but they're not as big, bad, and ugly as they may seem at the time.

Every problem feels like the biggest one you've ever faced, but you'll learn not to let it consume you wholly.

It's okay to take a breather if you're feeling overwhelmed or preoccupied. You don't have to attend every meeting, reply to every email immediately, or keep your phone on at all times.

Secondly, while it's essential to embody kindness, generosity, and accommodation towards others, it's equally crucial to extend the same compassion to yourself. Establishing boundaries and requesting that others respect them will make you a better friend, partner, daughter, sister, and colleague in the long run. 

Lastly, thank you for the lessons you've taught me. If there's one thing you didn't have to be afraid of, it was failure because it's through failure that we learn the most valuable lessons and discover more about ourselves. The extent to which you believe in yourself is the maximum others are going to believe in you, and you never set a limit. 

Thank you for setting the path that I am on now. Keep on it, It’s going to be okay. 


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Dear little Soukaina,

Feeling lost in life is normal, but trust me, you're moving forward more than you think. The world might seem daunting, but while you could've prioritised some things better, you've made some good calls too.

I recall how you used to believe that making others happy would automatically bring you happiness. While it's noble to strive for the happiness of those around you, I discovered that it wasn't enough.

Putting myself first was a lesson I didn't expect to learn so early, but that's the beauty of growing up.

Some lessons reveal themselves when we least expect them.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you felt devastated by the thought of losing friends when they moved away. You'll soon realise that some people enter your life for a reason or to impart a lesson, but not all friendships are meant to last – and that's perfectly okay.

I'm truly impressed by one thing: your habit of expressing gratitude by listing three things you were thankful for every night. You were already practising gratitude journaling before it became a popular "self-care" trend! I'm not sure why you stopped, but I'm eager to bring it back.

You used to worry incessantly about life, but if there's one thing I can say to put your mind to ease, it's that you can always rely on your family. 

Thank you for being a dreamer and reminding me to celebrate even the smallest victories.

With all my love,

Boutaina is wearing the Je Dors Long Sleeve Pyjama Top and Long Pants in Pressed Rose.

Dear little Boutaina,

I know you might not agree with me, but you are perfect just as you are. You might have been shy or lost in your own world, but that didn't mean you were any less deserving of the beautiful life you will grow into. If you need some reassurance, here it is.

While everyone may have good intentions, their advice might not always apply to you. So, sometimes, take advice with a pinch of salt.

You might not know which advice will make or break your life, but it is for you to decide, not anyone else.

However, the best advice you did pay heed to changed your life, and that was to "enjoy the now". Life goes by really fast, especially when you see your three kids outgrowing themselves with every passing moment.

Everyone you meet will have an opinion – on you, your choices, everything. But you don't need to embody those. It's not to say you can overnight learn to develop a thick skin where nothing hurts you, but slowly you will stop caring about what other people think and dance to the rhythm of your own drumbeat.

If there's one thing you will never have to doubt, it's your inner strength. You're stronger than you think, and you'll find out soon enough when you'll be carrying twins with a titanium rod in your back through the whole pregnancy. Give yourself some credit.

I'm excited for you to welcome the beautiful life I have now, but for the moment, enjoy living in the moment.

All the best,

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