Modal vs Tencel: What is the Difference and Which is Better

Rawbought Je Dors Collection Lilac Long Set pyjama set with white piping design made of sustainable modal fabric

Tencel, lyocell, rayon, modal, bamboo – the world is now waking up to these new generation of natural fabrics. What are the differences between them and which one is better? Let’s look at the difference between Tencel and modal, two of the most popular natural fabrics in the market today.

What is Modal? Modal is a natural fibre made from beech tree pulp broken down into a viscose, while Tencel actually refers to the brand name TENCELtm. While they produce a wide range of semi-synthetic fibres, they are most commonly known for their Lyocell fibres. Hence, lyocell and Tencel are sometimes used interchangeably.  

Modal and Tencel, or lyocell, are mostly commonly compared with each other as they have many similar properties. Let’s look at the similarities and difference between the two fabrics.

Similarities between Modal and Tencel or Lyocell

Modal and Tencel are both made from natural materials. Modal is made from beech tree wood pulp while Tencel/lyocell is made from eucalyptus wood pulp trees. Both fabrics are sustainable fabrics as they are made from closed loop production processes. Beech and eucalyptus trees also need a lot less water to cultivate compared to other organic fabrics like cotton. Modal and Tencel are also biodegradable, making their impact on the environment much less harmful than clothes made from synthetic fabrics. Modal and Tencel also have a similar hand feel, soft, smooth and have moisture-wicking properties.

Differences between Modal and Tencel or Lyocell

Feel – Modal is known to be softer and smoother than tencel lyocell. It sits lightly on your skin, almost feeling like second skin.

Thickness – Modal’s unique weave patterns and fabric properties allow it to be processed into micromodal as well, a thinner and lighter version of modal. This makes it perfect for sleepwear and underwear, especially for tropical climates, summer weather and for those who run hot at night.

Temperature – Modal feels cooler on the skin, and also keeps you cool throughout the night. Its moisture-wicking properties allow your pyjamas to regulate your body temperature at night, keeping you comfortable throughout.

Maintenance – Modal, and micromodal, last for longer despite heavy usage. It is less prone to pilling, allowing you to enjoy perfect comfort for longer. Modal also retains its vibrant colours. This allows consumers to practice ethical consumption as they do not have to keep repurchasing products for replacement.

Rawbought’s Modal Pyjamas

At Rawbought, we are obviously huge fans of modal – all our pyjama sets in our Je Dors and Carezza Lace Collections are made of buttery-soft modal fabric as we wanted the best of comfort while we sleep.  Modal pyjamas are ideal for kids, who need snug cosiness as they sleep, and for adults, especially those who run a little hotter at night. People with sensitive skin would also love modal pyjamas as they are super soft and light on the skin. Keep cool and feel luxurious this summer in our favourite modal pyjamas!

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