Being Our Own Manufacturers – The Difference We Make

Apparel manufacturing facility in Dhaka, Bangaldesh Rawbought is its own manufacturer and manufactures its own sustainable modal pyjamas and sleepwear which meet their sustainability goals
Rawbought's manufacturing facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh

There are no two ways about it – the Earth needs saving. We have already started feeling the effects of climate change and more needs to be done by both individuals and corporations all over the world. It is especially important for brands in the fashion industry to take into account the environmental and social impact of our production. From design to last-mile delivery, it is crucial for us to engage in sustainable practices for the betterment of the planet and society.

At Rawbought, we are committed to environmental and social sustainability at every step of the way. We own the entire production chain – from design to production to sale. As such, we recognise the influence and impact that we have and strive to harness them to not just reduce the negative impact, but to have a net positive impact on the environment and society as well.

Being our own manufacturers allows us to make a large difference in pursuit of our sustainability goals through the following ways:

Knowing Our Suppliers

The dynamic nature of the fashion industry means that brands have a wide network of partners and suppliers that they work with all over the world. These complex supplier networks can result in brands not always having complete visibility over who they are working with and their quality standards.

Being our own manufacturers allows us to have wider control over who we want to work with. We are able to choose to work with only trusted partners and suppliers who align with our values.

Taking on majority of the responsibility of implementing environmentally sustainable and ethical production practices enables us to make a big difference and see great progress in achieving the industry’s collective sustainability goals. 

Speed of Implementation

Many brands are often stuck in long-term contracts with their production partners, making the process of pivoting to sustainable practices a long and arduous one. However, environmental and social impacts are being felt right now, and it is absolutely crucial for the global fashion industry to pivot to and adopt sustainable practices as fast as possible.

 As our own manufacturers, we are able to make decisions, and more importantly, act on them much quicker than usual. This allows us to set ambitious goals and hold ourselves to higher global standards when it comes to our sustainability goals.

Social Responsibility

Owning the production process also means that we personally employ the people who work on Rawbought’s merchandise.

Fair wage and safe and ethical working conditions are the bare minimum expected of any employer in the industry. We go much beyond that and actively invest time, effort and money into empowering all our employees to reach their fullest potential.

Some of our broader workplace inclusion initiatives include equipping employees with disabilities and from minority communities with professional and personal development skills to enable them to thrive in their careers. 

There is still much we can do in our pursuit of environmental and social sustainability. Being our own manufacturers also makes us more accountable for our own. We are constantly striving towards building a brand that promotes sustainable and ethical consumption, while walking the talk by implementing sustainable production practices.

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